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2016 Annual Gathering Photo Contest

Back to the Future:  First Century Principles for the Twenty First Century

We're looking for photos that exemplify what it means to be "in mission for Christ" in the 21st century to include in the 2016 Annual Gathering Book and on our website.  If you've taken part in any service projects, community outreach events/activities/programs, mission trips, creative/artistic projects, disaster relief or church planting efforts over the past year, we would love to hear about them! 


  1. All photos submitted by Friday, July 1, 2016 will be considered for publication in the book that will be handed out at this year's Annual Gathering.  Photos must be submitted using the form below.
  2. Please DO NOT upload photos containing clip art or text, or photos that are distorted (very small, fuzzy, or squished).  Because photos will be used in a printed publication and may be resized or cropped, these things can comprimise the quality of the photo. 
  3. Acceptable file types are: JPG (preferred), GIF, TIFF and PNG.  (No PDFs, PowerPoints, Publisher files or Word documents, please!)
  4. Photos must be relevant to the topic and submitted by a member, pastor, leader, or staff member of an LCMC congregation. 
  5. Any photo submitted must be an original work (owned by the individual or the congregation), and not the intellectual property of someone else.  By submitting any photo(s), you agree that any images (and likeness or subject matter within) submitted may be used without compensation for the purposes described above.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to space, time and other constraints, we are unable to guarantee the publication of each and every photograph submitted to us.

QUESTIONS:  If you have any questions about submitting your photos, click here

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