Chosen People Ministries

Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same. The mission was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1894 by Rabbi Leopold Cohn, a Hungarian Jewish immigrant with a zeal to share the knowledge of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah with God’s chosen people. Today, Chosen People Ministries serves in sixteen countries across the globe. Our outreach ... [...]


MissionsLink is new global mission networking tool created by LCMC mission partner ALWM & Bill Moberly. The global mission counterpart to Church Connect, MissionsLink is a searchable database of member congregations, mission agencies & individuals from across North America. MissionsLink provides a convenient way for LCMC members, congregations and partner mission organizations to SHARE THE RESOURCES YOU HAVE and FIND THE RESOURCES YOU ... [...]

Eastern European Mission Network

East European Missions Network (EEMN) is a conservative, evangelical, inter-Lutheran mission organization that is called to work in Russia and many former Soviet Bloc nations. Incorporated in 1992, our primary focus is evangelism, church planting, and discipleship. Our long term goal is Rebuilding and Equipping the Body of Christ in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. After generations of persecution and destruction at the hands of ... [...]

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