Life Together in the Way of Jesus

May 3-6, 2015
Upper Arlington Lutheran Church
(Columbus, OH)

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Jesus repeatedly says, ‘follow me’, but it seems we’d rather take a selfie and follow ourselves, or any number of the cultural icons we follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram.   Millions of us are doing just that:  Katy Perry has 59 million Twitter followers; Justin Bieber, 56 million! [1]  Michael Jackson, who died in ‘09, has 79 million Facebook followers; Coca-Cola has 90 million, and Facebook’s active monthly users just topped 1.35 billion! [2]

There’s one thing, however, that often gets lost in the social media and cultural shuffle, and it’s the most important thing ever: following Jesus.  It’s also the most difficult, challenging, and ultimately the most rewarding thing we’ll ever do.  

We in the church often spin our wheels and pull out our hair trying to find the next best thing in a discipleship program, spending time and money to attend conferences or purchase cookie-cutter programs with promises such as, ‘Start Growing Your Ministry Today!’ or ‘Ten Easy and Proven Ways to Get Your Members Sold Out to Christ!’.  Contrary to popular opinion, following Jesus, or discipleship, isn’t a particular program, curriculum or system; it’s the whole deal.  Following Jesus is what it means to be a Christian!

That’s the focus of iFollow:  Life Together in the Way of Jesus.  

From all across the country, from large and small congregations, rural and urban areas, all of us who are hungry for help in our fledgling commitment to follow Christ and create faith communities that do the same will gather!  We’ll hear thought-provoking presentations from some in-the-trenches LCMC pastors and theologians and listen to experts in the field.  We’ll process and digest life-giving, life-changing Truths from God’s Word and learn how to apply them our own lives and ministries.


Event Highlights:

Live Music

We’ll be drawn into God’s presence during daily worship led by Jenn Alexander, worship leader at Hosanna Lutheran Church in Lakeville, Minnesota.  Learn More >>

Learning Labs

Learning Labs on Monday and Tuesday will allow participants to choose a small group, where they can discuss the challenges of their particular congregational life with others in similar sized and geographically placed congregations so that their learning is specific and practical.   Learn More >>

Workshop Luncheon w/ Rev. Reggie McNeal

An optional lunch on Wednesday afternoon will give attendees the chance to speak  one-on-one with Rev. Reggie McNeal.   If you’ve ever wanted to pick Reggie’s brain or ask questions about your particular situation, here’s your chance! 

Fellowship Activities

Options for fellowship time on Tuesday evening will include everything from shopping or a la carte gourmet food, to Columbus’ own Columbus Clippers baseball team, in town for what may be Lutheran Night at Huntington Park stadium!  Learn More >>

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Rev. Steve Turnbull will help us understand the Biblical picture of discipleship to Jesus. Drawing on his own leadership in developing a disciple making culture at First Lutheran Church in White Bear Lake, MN, Steve will explain how discipleship is more than just a church program, an add-on after evangelism, or a next step for high commitment Christians.
  • Rev. Jeremey King will share practical disciple-making principles and hard-learned strategies from his experience in launching Radiant Church.  He’ll help us make a habit of sharing our time, resources and relationships with others in our lives.  It’s about being there for each other in good or bad situations.  It’s intentional instead of additional; a part of one’s life instead of another busy thing to add to an already busy calendar.  It’s a mindset. 
  • Rev. Reggie McNeal will address Shaping a People-Development Culture and offer key architectural components that have to be part of the DNA of every congregation.  Reggie will identify these elements along with some practical suggestions as to how they can be worked into congregational ministry design.   
  • Rev. TJ Anderson will help us think about what it means to be The Church of Jesus Christ.  As followers of Jesus, we are a people who are on a mission with Jesus.  He will address the conflict with our individualistic world view and being The Church on Mission.  TJ will share how, as a follower of Jesus, we are to live as though everyday life is a mission trip.

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Church Planting

Interested in planting a church in your community?  Rev. Dan Clites, LCMC's Coordinator for New Ministry Development, will be available at the Leadership Conference to answer your questions.  You can also find out more about church planting in LCMC by clicking here

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