Leadership Conference

The Leadership Conference is a training, fellowship and networking event for pastors and church leaders.  It is held during the spring and organized by the Ministry Board of LCMC.  For regular news updates on the Leadership Conference, as well as other LCMC events, download our mobile app.

2017 Leadership Conference
Discipling by Design

Dates:  April 30 - May 2, 2017
Location:  Lutheran Church of the Master, 1200 N 181st Court, Elkhorn NE 68022  [More Info]

The church of Christ has always been eager to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission about making disciples, but we often default into making members!  So for hundreds of years, we’ve struggled to figure out the difference and go after disciple-making!  Our current cultural apathy or even antipathy toward Christianity has made the challenge greater that it ever has!

The latest-and-greatest seminars and cookie-cutter models are readily available in the glossy brochures that come in the mail or on flashy web-sites, but attending or buying often results in great disappointment and even greater guilt at our subsequent failure.

Perhaps we’ve looked in the wrong places.

We’re already generally good at worship, community, mission and leadership, maybe God is calling us to re-focus or re-design what we’re already doing to make it more disciple-making!  That’s the intent of our LCMC 2017 Leadership Conference, Discipling by Design!

For three days we will explore four areas of ministry in which the church is already engaged: worship, community, mission and leadership development, with the goal of being more disciple-making focused in each area.  We’re starting where many churches already invest much time and energy; however, with the Spirit leading and breathing life and our intentionality, these essential area become powerful disciple-making environments.

All of our speakers are front-line, LCMC pastors and lay people, who, like you, are up to their elbows in the daily challenges of church-in-the-trenches ministry.  Each presentation will include two partners in ministry, each offering a slightly different perspective. After each presentation there will be facilitated table-discussion for processing, internalizing and operationalizing what we’re learning.

Join us as we endeavor to become more and more focused on disciple-making in each of these important areas of church life: worship, community, mission, and leadership development. Our time will be rich, learning from these LCMC practitioners and each other. Hope you can make it!